Steppers & Flagging

Kane County Landscape Materials & Supply, Inc. prides itself in carrying a unique variety of Natural Stone from across the country. Natural Stone Wall, Flagstone, Flagstone Steppers, and Outcropping are used in an array of landscape projects.

*Because our inventory is constantly changing, please call ahead to check the availability of specific products.*

Our Natural Landscaping Stones are composed of the following categories:

  • Natural Wall Stone – large rectangular shaped pieces made out of natural stones (most popular are Fon Du Lac & Chilton), varying lengths. Thickness varying from 2-3”, 3-4” or 4-5” and Varying Depths of either 6” or 8”.

  • Flagging - Large, irregular shaped pieces of flagstone, typically pieces range from 20” up to 36” in length. Thickness on flagging is typically 1-2”.

  • Steppers – Smaller pieces of flagstone ranging from 5” to 18” in length with a thickness of 1”- 2”.

  • Outcropping - Large, irregular shaped pieces of stone, typical thickness is 5”-10” with a lengths varying between 2 to 5ft. These pieces are usually scene as landscaping accent stones in plant beds, or great to use on water features like waterfalls or ponds!