Kane County Landscape Materials & Supplies, Inc. has a large selection of different types of decorative landscape stone, decorative landscaping gravel and sand. In addition, we carry a wide assortment of construction grade gravel and fill products to help out with any of your building or handy man needs. Check out our gallery to see photos of some of our stone.


Kane County Landscape Materials & Supplies, Inc. can deliver your decorative landscaping stone, construction gravel or sand purchases to Kane, Kendall, DeKalb or DuPage counties or we will help you load the material into your vehicle or containers.  Because our inventory is constantly changing, please call ahead to check the availability of specific products.


  • Grade 8 – Crushed limestone road rock, great for compacting! This material is used as your base for any paver patio, driveway, or walkway installation.


  • Limescreeings - Great for compaction, used for paver applications or natural stone applications. This material is made up of just the fines from the crushed limestone.


  • Grade 9 - Crushed rock without the limestone; use this material in areas with lots of tree roots. This material can be used in replacement of Grade 8.


  • 1 ½" or ¾" Washed Stone - The two sizes are available, this stone is a rounded washed stone, often used in drainage culverts or placed underneath deck areas to prevent weed/grass growth.


  • Pea Gravel - Small rounded washed rock, can be used in many of the same applications as our
    1 ½"/ ¾" washed stones.


  • 3/8" Chips - Chipped limestone pieces without the fines.


  • Torpedo Sand – A course washed sand, used to create a sand bed for paver installations.


  • Mason Sand - Very fine washed sand.





Come out and cruise through our yard! We have OVER 20 bins full of decorative landscaping stone and gravels to suit almost any homeowner’s preference. Decorative landscape stone and gravels are great to put down in plant beds if you don’t like the look of landscaping mulch, or great for creating pathways or using to fill any of your project landscape needs!


Kane County Landscape Materials & Supplies, Inc. carries the following decorative landscape stone and gravels:

  • American Heritage – Available in 1 ½" or ¾"
  • Arctic Rainbow (Aka Beaver Dam Wine)

  • Alabama Sunset
  • Crimson Red
  • Meramec - Available in 1 ½" or 5/8"
  • Carmel Quartzite
  • Pewter Granite
  • Gray Slate
  • Red Lava Rock
  • Red Flint - Available in 1 ½" & 3/4"
  • Rotten Granite - Available in Red or Blue
  • Timberlite
  • Western Sunset
  • White Marble
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Red Sundown
  • Midnight Lavender Boulders
  • Mountain Green Boulders
  • Aqua Blue Boulders
  • Mexican Pebbles (Cobbles)
  • Caulk Canyon Cobbles
  • Kewanee Skippers (Cobbles)
  • Wisconsin Granite Boulders available in 4-8", 8-12", 12-18", 18-36" sizes